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Featuring ‘Technicolor Dreams’ and ‘World Gone Mad’

About beneath the Surface

The phrase “Beneath the Surface” came to me two years ago out of the blue. At the time, the hard rock band I was in came to an end and I was contemplating my next move. I realized how creatively boxed in I felt and was hungry for something new and exciting. I decided that it was time for me to start my own solo project and really make the music that I wanted to. Before I even began writing any of the songs, I knew the name of my first EP was going to be ‘Beneath the Surface.”

The title represented everything I wanted my EP to be: an honest collection of songs that takes listeners onto a journey of what goes on inside my mind, beneath the everyday exterior. Each song has a story. Each song has a memory or specific emotion tied to it. Each song came from a place of truth, love, or pain.

I hope you enjoy,




Blending elements of dark alternative pop with orchestral instrumentation and electronic production, LISETTE creates colorful, cinematic soundscapes that are enhanced by her powerful vocals. She is a singer-songwriter born from early influences of rock, alternative, indie pop, and her love for classical music and film scores. Her music is comparable to the likes of Evanescence and BANKS.

She began writing songs at 15 and performed at music venues and open mics around her home state of North Carolina. While studying music business and popular music in college, she stumbled upon her love for producing and she released her debut single Run This Far in 2018. In August 2019, Lisette won ‘Best Rock Female’ at the Carolina Music Awards.

LISETTE captivates audiences with her haunting voice and lyrical poetry that flows within her songs. Her debut EP Beneath the Surface released November 1, 2019.

To say Lisette’s music is beautiful is an understatement. One could almost envision the notes of her defiant melodies dancing madly in and out of the scales and between the rhythms of melancholic pain and anguish. Her rebellious tones of highs and lows challenge the novice listener to embrace and appreciate one’s innermost vulnerable places of darkness. Her seasoned, powerful voice oozes femininity and grace. Her haunting tone is like a murderous hand reaching in to pull out one’s soul and leave one feeling betrayed and abandoned. She really creates an ambiance of sound that forces one to give oneself over to feeling a plethora of emotional depths.
— Be Gooden Well, EP Release Show review

Debut EP ‘Beneath the surface’ out now!